still amazed…

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Feeling: satisfied (because I’m eating lunch right now x3)
Melody: none

by this xD:

Today we say….

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Feeling: reminiscent
Melody: Tsuki ni Murakumo Ajisai ni Ame – Kagrra,

Today we say goodbye to the wonderful Neo-Japanese Jrock band Kagrra,

A tribute post to Kagrra,:

It’s been 10 years of fun, laughs and inspiring music.
Although I did not follow your releases as diligently as I did with Gazette and alice nine. (and now kinda supercell), whenever I did manage to catch up with you through releases, sexy eyecandy and episodes of Kagrra no Su; you always manage to crack me up (or maybe that was Nao most of the time *tehlulz* xD) and leave me in awe and wonder.

I will never forget the first time I listened and watched your PV for Utakata where I absolutely fell in love with your Neo-Japanese charm. Seeing you bring the Japanese culture into Jrock; it was beautiful (Shin you are awesome TwT), and I will always love your music because of that. Without a doubt, you have set the bar high for any band who wishes to achieve a similar style, and really no one can play out the Neo-Japanese style better than you.

So here’s to you dear Kagrra, thank you for 10 awesome years. I wish you could’ve lived long enough for me to see you live, but I wish every one of you well in life, in your future musical careers if it continues and….well everything else. hoho.

お疲れさまKagrra,! We will never forget you!


And today I will spend the whole day listening to Kagrra, music x3 If you have Twitter, tag your Kagrra tweets with the #kagrra hash tag x]

This here…

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

Feeling: inspired?
Melody: Enchanted Rose – Aivi Tran 😀

is an absolutely wonderful alternative fan-made composition of the background music theme for Beast’s Castle from Kingdom Hearts 2. I personally like how Aivi here incorporates just a very short variation of the Beauty and the Beast music into it (a variation of the music from the intro of the movie I believe?). It’s only about 20 seconds worth at the end before the theme starts repeating again, but it’s just enough to allow the music to actually reflect where the game setting came from.

By the way, this is not to say I dislike the original from the game, because I love it too (well I love Square music in general hohoho). Maybe Square Enix didn’t do something like this because of an agreement with Disney? I’m not sure, but! If the music for Beast’s Castle (world) in Kingdom Hearts 2 could be edited to better reflect the Beauty and the Beast world it was based off of; I believe it would sound like this. Great job!

Original Beast’s Castle Theme from Kingdom Hearts 2 © Square Enix

Fan-made Alternative by Aivi Tran:

Less than a month to go!

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Feeling: fairly relaxed for now
Melody: none

It’s November already, and I’ve got a little less than a month to go before I’m really free for the holidays to 1) catch up on sleep and 2) catch up with friends 3) work on my costumes for next year xD

(btw, right now I’m at school taking a break from practicing the koto cause my fingers are starting to sting from making sharps xx;;; )

I’ve already lost track of how many all-nighters I’ve pulled between now and the beginning of October (pretty much, maybe even before then), and all my school days usually consist of me taking at least 5–10 mins to stop by Timmy’s for caffeine (not really coffee because I don’t like coffee by itself but it has to be something is caffeine none-the-less). Bad for sure cause I think I got sick this weekend because of my lack of sleep and maybe (though I doubt it? xD) too much caffeine. I’m still a bit sick, yesterday was pretty bad D: I almost thought I might’ve caught something worse because I was coughing non-stop until I found my back-up puffer at home. It’s a little dated, but still helped a lot cause I didn’t have any coughing attacks for the rest of the night (I used to have a bit of asthma when I was a kid so it comes up sometimes when I’m sick or even just a bit during the winter because the air is thinner). Anyway, I’m feeling much much better today.

Side note, I got news this week that Kagrra, will be disbanding, or rather will cease activity after this coming March 2011 (after their 10 anniversary live). Now even though Kagrra, isn’t my favourite band (next to Gazette and alice nine.) I really do love and appreciate their music. Particularly because they incorporate the Japanese koto in it, and I think any band that can break out and fit a bit of culture into their music is awesome (yes Shin you are awesome x333). So I’m really sad to see them throw in the towel and close the door to the VK/J-rock world, but for sure they will never be forgotten.

And now I will probably start collecting their CD’s xD (aside from their music, their CD cover-art is beautiful <33).

So I will end this post with a picture of the koto I’m practicing with today (I’m still playing around with different koto’s in the studio to see which one I’m more comfortable with). Today I’m playing with a red-head koto :]